Haarlem Pub Crawl

Haarlem is the capital city of the province of North Holland. Haarlem often doesn't receive the recognition it deserves, partly because it lies in the shadow of Amsterdam, despite the city's older establishment in 1245. Due to its long history, Haarlem boasts many monumental buildings and holds a prominent place in Dutch history. Even the oldest still-existing football club of the Netherlands is located in Haarlem. The club is called Koninklijke H.F.C., which was founded in 1879. Another unique aspect of Haarlem is the Jopen brewery. Not far from the main market, you can visit the Jopen Church, where the beloved beer brand is brewed. Their craft beer is highly popular. So, we've created a list of the best pubs in Haarlem where you can try this renowned beer brand.

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The Pubs


jopenkerk haarlem

Jopenkerk Haarlem is the café of the legendary beer brewery Jopen. The beer is renowned as one of the most famous craft beer brands in the Netherlands. Be sure to try some of the beers while you are there. All the beers from the brewery are on draught. The brewery is still very active and often creates new brews that they proudly sell in their café and in most bars all around the Netherlands.

Het wapen van Bloemendaal

Het Wapen van Bloemendaal is a traditional Dutch pub adorned with old paintings on its walls. These paintings were uncovered in 1988, hidden beneath several layers of wallpaper, and subsequently underwent restoration. They can still be admired to this day. Following extensive research, it was determined that the paintings date back to the period between 1900 and 1920. The history of the bar goes even further back, as the building has held the name Het Wapen van Bloemendaal since 1875.

Café Koops

Café Koops is one of the many traditional Dutch pubs you can find in Haarlem. In contrast to other traditional Dutch pubs, this establishment uses brighter colours. These colours create a livelier and more welcoming atmosphere. The bar also takes pride in offering a wide variety of craft beers. At any given time, there are at least ten beers on tap and many more available in bottles.

Proeflokaal de blauwe druif

This is the oldest still-existing pub in all of Haarlem, established in 1863, and it's evident why it has survived for such a long time. It's a cosy pub with a beautiful, old Dutch-style bar. Moreover, there are numerous old paintings on the walls, indicating the place's rich history. Various activities are available at this bar, such as ordering a 'high beer' or 'high wine'.

Café Studio

Café Studio is one of the largest traditional Dutch pubs you'll ever visit. Its size is a great advantage, given its immense popularity among both locals and visitors to Haarlem. The pub frequently hosts live music events, and it offers a wide variety of beers on the menu. This establishment is an excellent choice for ending the evening, thanks to the live music and the overall atmosphere, which you really have to experience for yourself.