Utrecht Pub Crawl

The city of Utrecht is located at the central point of the Netherlands. The city is most famous for its iconic Domtoren, which is impossible to miss. It rises high above all the other buildings in the city. Utrecht is also known for showcasing traditional Dutch architecture and having fewer tourists compared to Amsterdam. Besides being a beautiful city, Utrecht is furthermore renowned for its excellent selection of traditional Dutch pubs. In Dutch, these pubs are called "bruine kroegen" (brown pubs) due to the predominant use of the colour brown in these establishments.

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Café Domkop

Café Domkop is one of the many traditional Dutch bars you can find in Utrecht. Despite there being a lot of traditional pubs, each one of them has its own unique character. What sets this pub apart from the others is that, at the time of writing this, there is a model train circling the bar, delivering beer to thirsty customers.

Café 't Neutje

Café 't Neutje is a bar that caters to a diverse range of demographics. It is a gathering place for both the senior residents of the town and international students. In this bar, you will find people from all walks of life, but everyone shares the common goal of having a great time and enjoying excellent drinks. The bar features a stylish interior design with wall decorations, and during the spring and summer, you can relax on the spacious outdoor terrace.

Belgisch Biercafé Olivier

This bar was constructed within an old church, which gives a tremendous amount of character to the place. The bar's owners made every effort to preserve the authenticity of the church. You can still find a grand pipe organ and several Catholic statues within the bar's interior. In addition to this unique ambiance, the menu boasts a wide selection of different beers. And rest assured, the chairs and benches are far more comfortable than those typically found in churches.

Kafé België

It might seem a bit unusual to find a bar in the Netherlands with the name of the neighbouring country to the south of it, which is Belgium. However, there is a reason behind the name. Belgium is renowned for its multitude of craft beer breweries, and this pub offers a wide selection of them on its menu. So, it's an excellent place to explore new beer options. Additionally, the overall ambiance of the bar is very welcoming.

Café De Rat

The name of this pub might suggest that there are many rats running about the place, but this is not the truth. Although it is possible to encounter animals in this bar, it's more likely to be a cat. Perhaps originally, it was the cat's role to keep out the rats. Furthermore, the bar is very cosy and gives off the atmosphere of an old traditional Dutch living room.