London: Soho Pub Crawl

The magnificent city of London is renowned for its incredible size, which has resulted in a lot of pubs and bars scattered throughout the city. Among these, the Soho district stands out as the centre of pub culture in London, offering an abundance of options for unforgettable pub crawls. In the past, Soho was known as a hunting ground of Henry VIII. The name Soho comes from a hunting call that was often used. 

Selecting the top six pubs from this vast selection was no small feat, but after hours of research, we've created the ultimate pub crawl for you to enjoy. If you happen to discover any other hidden gems in this part of the city, please let us know.

We hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.

The pubs


Dog & Duck

In our opinion, the Dog and Duck pub shows more character than your typical pub, thanks to its unique and charming decor. Notably, this pub has even been visited by Prince William and Kate. It seems that the royals share our good taste in pubs. The pub offers a variety of ales on draft and features an inviting upstairs dining room.


The Blue Posts is a pub with a colourful exterior on the corner of the street. Inside, the colourful theme continues as the walls have bright colours and the ceiling is blue. The floor is made more interesting with the help of a carpet. For this pub, you have to make sure that you are on the right street because there are a total of five pubs in central London that bear the name The Blue Posts.

Waxy O'connor's

This is one of the most peculiar places you'll ever step foot in. It features various bars and rooms where you can enjoy a fine pint. The pub is adorned with bizarre decorations throughout, making it a spot where you can spend countless hours discovering new and unusual things. There's even a room with a tree in it. It might be a bit outside the comfort zone for many traditional pub enthusiasts, but it offers a truly unique and memorable experience.

The lyric

The pub is easily identifiable from a distance, thanks to a large sign on the side of the building proclaiming the availability of excellent ales, porter, stout, and lager inside – a claim we wholeheartedly agree with. Upon entering, you'll discover a unique pub. Its interior features a prominent bright white bar, adorned with the Union Jack, and furnished with vintage-style stools.

Old Coffee House

While the exterior of this pub might not immediately catch your eye, owing to it's somewhat plain exterior, the true treasure lies within. It's a Victorian-style pub, a common sight in London, adorned with charming and attractive decorations. Inside, you can enjoy watching sports and listen to background music that contributes to the overall atmosphere.


The Devonshire is a pub that embodies the essence of classical British pub culture. It features a traditional Victorian-style interior. To enhance the contrast with its darker exterior, a variety of flowers hang from the walls. Moreover, the pub offers a wide array of high-quality food options. All in all, this pub promises to provide you with a genuine British pub experience.