About us


Who are we?


The word "we" is often used on this website, but to tell you the truth, this website is mostly run by me alone. My name is Luke, and I am a 23-year-old accountant still in training from the Netherlands. I love travelling and visiting different bars, so I combined these two passions when I made this website.


My goal is to create a community in which people all over the world can share the locations of amazing bars with each other. In this way, not only the busy bars will benefit from tourism, but also the more local bars. In most cases, I enjoy my time much more when I am in a local pub, and I hope that I can help give other people these great experiences as well.


For now, I hope the pub crawls on this website will give you a great time. Cheers!

Why did we make this website?


We created this website out of our own frustration with the lack of good pub crawls available online. The ones we found were always with a tour guide and very expensive. This is a perfect way to explore a city and see the best bars a city has to offer at your own pace. And the best part is that it is absolutely free!