Do we own any of the pubs?


We do not own any of the pubs. We simply love pubs, and our mission is to find the best pubs around the world! 

Will the website be updated?


Yes! The website will be regularly updated with new pub crawls. Be sure to leave your e-mail and follow us on social media so that we can keep you updated on new pub crawls. Click here to leave your e-mail.



We are not responsible for what happens during your pub crawl. We simply provide an option for a crawl you can take. So, if you end up having too many drinks, do not blame us ;-). Additionally, your experience may differ from ours, so keep that in mind.


Also, feel free to give the crawl your own spin and let us know if you have discovered any hidden gems.

Further questions


If you have a question that has not been answered in the FAQ, please email us.


You can do that with filling in the box below. Or you can email us on the following address: info@pubcrawlroute.com