Delft Pub Crawl

Delft is one of the many student cities that you can find in the Netherlands. The university here is mostly focused on technological studies, which means you will find a lot of computers and robots over there.

After hours of studying, all these students will be thirsty and need a place to drink a beer. Luckily, Delft is home to many great bars. And don't worry, these bars are not solely for students; they are open to all pub-goers.

Besides its students and university, Delft is also known for Delfts blauw. Delfts blauw includes all kinds of household products with blue decorations, most commonly found on plates, vases, and tiles. Often, the tiles portray certain sayings, like “Drinking halves your life, but you see twice as much.”

For now, we hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.




This beer café offers an unique experience where you can create your own beer-tasting flight. The bar's open and light character is enhanced by its large windows, creating a welcoming ambiance. But it's not just beer that you can enjoy here. The bar also offers great whiskeys.

Café het klooster

If you like beer, this bar is the place to be. There are 20 beers on tap and more than 150 bottled beers. From the bar, you have a view of the magnificent Delft Cathedral. Inside, the bar gives off the charm of an old Dutch living room, adding to its cosiness. It even has a fireplace.

De Ruif

De Ruif is a charming, no-nonsense bar located in an old building right beside a river. Not only do they serve up delicious tapas for dining in the pub, but you can also enjoy the great view from their terrace, placed on a boat floating in the river.


The Wijnhaven (Wine Harbor) is a bar for those who want something other than beer. But if you want to stick with your beer, the Wijnhaven is also a great place because you can choose from a variety of beers. Furthermore, the bar has a spacious seating area where you can sit and relax with your friends.

Delfts brouwhuis

This bar is different from the rest because it brews its own beers. To have a taste of Delft, what better to do than drink a beer that is brewed in the city itself!

Café de oude Jan

This bar also serves as a brewery, allowing you to enjoy beer straight from the source. The brewery itself is 700 years old and produces traditional Delfts craft beer. If you want the full experience, you can also take a tour through the brewery. In the bar, they offer various kinds of beers, and you can even order a beer flight to try different flavours.