Inverness Pub Crawl

Inverness is known as the capital of the highlands. It is the largest settlement in the north of Scotland. This place is a starting hub for many travellers and one of the biggest tourist attraction of all of Scotland is nearby. The Loch Ness is just to the south of the city. The river inside the city originates from the Loch Ness and is called the river ness. Inverness is not only a place to pass through. It also is home to a great collection of pubs for all the thirsty travellers that pass through the city and off course for the locals. During this pub crawl, you will visit the best pubs that Inverness has to offer. 

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The pubs


The Waterfront

The first pub in this crawl can be found on the banks of the River Ness. It is a traditional Scottish pub with a cosy atmosphere and plenty of seating options. However, it can get quite busy, so the place never feels empty. Most nights, there is live music in the bar, and we even encountered an elderly lady playing the drums. It was amazing.

The phoenix ale house

The most memorable feature of this bar is the large blue rectangular bar in the centre of the pub. At this bar, you can choose from a wide variety of beers. It's an excellent place for a quiet pint with friends.

Johnny Foxes

This bar is all about its decorations and offering an excellent Scottish pub experience. There are cosy booths where you can sit with a small group and enjoy some privacy. Additionally, there are plenty of other seating options available. The centrepiece is a round bar in the middle with custom beer taps. The abundant use of wood in this pub adds a lot of character to the place. Moreover, live music is a nightly feature here.

The castle tavern

The Castle Tavern looks like a standalone cosy house, but it's not a standard type of residence; it's an alehouse. It has been family-run for generations and has even won awards. The pub also boasts a beer garden, offering an uninterrupted view of Inverness Castle. Furthermore, there are a lot of different kinds of beer and ales that you can try.

Gellions Bar

There is a reason why we placed this bar last in the pub crawl and not next to Johnny Foxes, even though it's on the same street. We did this because we believe it's the best way to conclude the pub crawl. This place is lively every day of the week. At the front of the bar, there is live music every night, and it can turn into a real party. If that's not your cup of ale, you can always sit in the back, where it's quieter.