Limerick Pub Crawl

Limerick is the capital of the county Limerick in the Irish province of Munster. Even though the city is not the biggest and most well known city of Ireland, the city has a great history. Limerick is the home of the legendary band the Cranberries. Furthermore, the great-grandfather of John F. Kennedy was from county Limerick. And the castle that you can see on the picture is the most westerly castle in all of Europe. The fact that we like the most is that Irish Coffee was invented in county Limerick. Now, after all these interesting facts, we hope that you have build up a thirst. Luckily, Limerick has an abundance of great pubs! So go out there and Sláinte.

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The Pubs


Patsy Flannery's

You might have found out that this bar is not the only place, which is called Flannery's in Limerick. In total, there are three pubs in Limerick with the name Flannery's. The story goes that the original owners of the pubs were all cousins. Due to its bright exterior, it is impossible to miss this Flannery's bar. Inside you will find a traditional Irish bar with stout and other beers on tap.

Ma Hogans bar

Ma Hogans is a small Irish bar with the usual wooden furniture, all kinds of decorations on the wall and a fireplace. It is everything that you want from a good pub. Furthermore, there is an outdoor area and Ma Hogans has the largest Irish whiskey collection in the mid west. You can also order a taste flight of three premium whiskeys for a reasonable price.

Myles Breens Bar

Myles Breen is a traditional Irish pub with a lot of pictures on the wall. The pub uses darker tones of colour inside the pub, like most do in Limerick. This gives the place a warm and cosy atmosphere. The couches on the other hand complement the dark interior with a bit more colour. Besides, they are also very comfortable.

Tom Collins' Bar

The colour red is a very prominent factor in this pub. The outside of the pub is painted with red and white, and inside the colour red can be found on the ceilings in a pattern and on the walls. The colour is also what gives the bar a unique character and makes it a must-visit bar in a pub crawl.

Jerry Flannery's Bar

Jerry Flannery's has a beautiful bright and dark exterior and inside is a very spacious area which still feels cosy. When you are outside the pub, you might also see the big rugby ball sticking out the side of the pub. The reason for the rugby ball is that the pub is named after the legendary Irish rugby player Jerry Flannery. The bar has also won the best sporting pub award in Ireland in 2018 and 2019.