Dublin: Camden st. Pub Crawl

Dublin is a city that boasts an impressive number of exceptional pubs scattered throughout its vibrant streets.

If you're looking for an unforgettable pub crawl experience, look no further than the area around Camden Street, where the city's finest bars are located.

With so many pubs to choose from on this bustling street, creating a perfect crawl can be a hard task. However, we've carefully selected the best of the best, but don't hesitate to add your personal touch. And if you happen to stumble upon any hidden gems, please share them with us!

Luckily, Camden Street is conveniently located close to the city centre, so you can easily get there by bus or take a leisurely stroll to soak up the atmosphere along the way.

We hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.

the pubs


Swan Bar

This particular bar sets itself apart from the rest of the pubs on the crawl with its old-style charm and unique character. Its wooden interior is simply stunning, adding a touch of elegance and warmth to the atmosphere. Additionally, nestled in the corner of the bar, you'll find a cosy fireplace, which is the perfect spot to enjoy a few pints on cold winter nights in Dublin. In our opinion, it's an excellent choice for kicking off your pub crawl.


With its striking red exterior, this pub is hard to miss and is sure to draw you in. Once inside, you'll find an interior that's just as impressive as the other bars on the crawl, with a welcoming atmosphere and stylish decor. Whether you're looking for a relaxed evening sipping on a few pints or a lively night out, this bar has you covered. It's the perfect spot for either option.


Out of all the pubs we visited during our trip to Dublin, this one definitely stood out as our favourite. On the second floor of this pub, you will find a lively atmosphere and fantastic live music that will make for an unforgettable experience. The vibe is always upbeat and welcoming, making it easy to let loose and have a good time. What's more, the pub boasts a cool and eye-catching exterior that's definitely worth checking out in person.


Cassidys is a beautifully decorated bar with an abundance of comfortable seating booths perfect for enjoying a few drinks. In fact, 3Bucksleft (Cowboy) regards it as the best pub in all of Camden Street. With its cosy and welcoming atmosphere, this pub is an excellent choice for a night out on the town.