Dundee Pub Crawl

Dundee, one of the largest cities in Scotland, sits just north of Edinburgh yet often remains overlooked by tourists. This is a shame in our eyes, as Dundee is one of the most beautiful cities in Scotland and Great Britain, for that matter. The city showcases a variety of architectural wonders, from the castles scattered throughout the city to the iconic Tay Bridge. Among the castles, Broughty Castle stands out as the most stunning example in our opinion, perched on the banks overlooking the Tay River and the North Sea. Additionally, Dundee offers a great amount of quality pubs waiting to be discovered on our pub crawl adventure.

We hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.

The pubs


Tickety boo's

The Tickety Boo’s has a striking red exterior that makes its presence known in Dundee. It is a spacious pub with an open interior adorned in bright colours and a cosy wooden bar. Additionally, there is a balcony atop the bar where you can enjoy a pint while taking in the view of the entire pub.

Old bank bar

The Old Bank Bar is called the Old Bank Bar for a reason because, until the early 1980s, the popular bar was a branch of the Bank of Scotland. The bar is quite spacious and uses darker colours, which are commonly seen in most pubs. The Old Bank Bar attracts regulars, football fans, students, and many more. All in all, it is a great place for everybody.

The Pillars

The Pillars is said to be the oldest pub in the city centre of Dundee. The pub is named after the old Town house of Dundee, which was called The Pillars. Above the entrance of the pub, there is a model placed, which represents the old Town house. The front bar is quite small, but on busy days, the back bar will also open, and then there will be enough space for everybody.

Trades House

Inside the pub, there is a lot of wood used, which gives the place a traditional pub feeling. There are small details in the woodwork, which give the place a polished look and feel cosy. Furthermore, there are beautiful stained-glass windows with different kinds of trades shown in them, hence the name Trades House. There is also a great amount of beer on draught.

The Phoenix

There are several great stories about the pub, The Phoenix. One of them is that after a performance, Frank Sinatra visited The Phoenix for a good whisky. The pub is decorated with beautiful stained-glass windows in which a depiction of a phoenix can be seen. Furthermore, the heads of different kinds of animals adorn the walls, such as a deer and a bison.