Dublin: Stoneybatter Pub Crawl

Dublin is renowned for its extensive array of pubs, with approximately 772 within the city limits. Each pub boasts its own unique character, and the sheer quantity might seem overwhelming. That is why we have created various pub crawls on this website, allowing you to explore the best pubs Dublin has to offer. In this particular crawl, we will venture slightly beyond the city centre to the neighbourhood of Stoneybatter. Here, you will encounter more locals visiting the pubs, providing a more authentic Irish experience compared to the pubs in the Temple Bar area.

Moreover, Stoneybatter was once crowned the ‘World’s Coolest Neighbourhood’ by TimeOut. They described Stoneybatter as a space where tradition and activism intersect, highlighting the coexistence of historic locations and new ventures.

In summary, Stoneybatter is a captivating area with its own distinct style and character.

We hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.

The pubs


The Kavanagh

The Kavanagh pub has a very recognizable exterior. The building features dark walls on the first floor, topped by a beautiful small tower with brighter colours. Inside, the decor is equally impressive. Lighter colours are used, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. One of the walls is decorated with a colourful mural depicting a matador scene, situated above the bar. All in all, it's a great place for a pint or two.

Tommy O’Gara’s

Tommy O’Gara’s truly delivers on the feeling of being in an Irish living room. The pub has succeeded in creating a beautiful environment to enjoy a pint. The windows, especially, contribute to this ambiance, adorned with stunning red stained-glass. In our opinion, Tommy is your man for a pint.

The Glimmer man

The Glimmer Man is not your typical Irish pub. It is hard to put into words the vibe that this pub gives, but it is one that you have to experience for yourself. There are a lot of quirky decorations that give the pub its distinct character. A heads-up: the pub is cash only, but there is an ATM inside.


Walsh’s is one of the many traditional Irish pubs you can find in Dublin. However, because this pub is a bit out of the way from the city centre, you will encounter fewer tourists here and more local Irish people, which adds to its charm. The pub is quite decent and lives up to its reputation as a great boozer.


The exterior might not be the most striking, but the true treasure lies within. The Cobblestone is one of the most famous pubs in Dublin and indeed, all of Ireland. It is renowned as the home of traditional Irish music. In 2021, the pub faced the threat of being knocked down, but due to the protests of thousands of musicians, the pub was saved. Furthermore, the pub is celebrated for pouring excellent Guinness. Daragh Curran, also known as the Guinness Guru and Pub Guru, praises the pub for its great pint of Guinness. This may raise expectations, but we truly believe that the pub delivers on them.