Glasgow Pub Crawl

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, home to many historical buildings, and cosy pubs. However, what truly grips the whole of Glasgow a few times a year is the Old Firm, a highly anticipated match between the two major football clubs in the city: Rangers and Celtic. This rivalry has deep roots spanning centuries, extending beyond the realm of football to include religion, politics, and various other factors. If football is not your interest, Glasgow still has much to offer. As mentioned earlier, the pubs and historical buildings are a sight to behold. For instance, you can explore the Necropolis or visit the University of Glasgow.

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The pubs


Rhoderick dhu

The Rhoderick Dhu is a great place for every sport's enthusiast. Inside, you will find numerous TV screens showcasing the big matches of the day. In the middle of the spacious pub stands a beautiful bar. The venue has a high ceiling and plenty of natural light coming in. There are more than enough seating booths, making the pub an excellent spot to enjoy a few drinks.

Horseshoe Bar

The Horseshoe Bar is one of the most famous pubs in all of Glasgow. On the outside of the pub, you will find various interesting facts displayed. Among them is the claim that the pub boasts the largest bar in the entire United Kingdom. Once inside, horseshoes adorn every corner. The longer you look, the more horseshoes you will notice. Even the fireplace is shaped like a horseshoe. Furthermore, there are two horse figures positioned on top of the bar.

Drum & Monkey

From the outside, this pub may appear to be a classy restaurant, thanks to its beautiful decorations, but inside, the Drum and Monkey reveals itself as a traditional Scottish pub. The bar is a true masterpiece made from wood, featuring a roof that resembles the walls of a castle, achieved through an intricate wood pattern. Several comfortable booths are scattered throughout the pub, and there's a variety of beers on tap.

The Pot Still

The Pot Still is the go-to place for whisky lovers. The bar boasts an incredible variety of different kinds of whiskies that you can sample. Fortunately, you can order a whisky flight and experience the authentic taste of Scotland. The whisky collection is so outstanding that the establishment earned the Bar of the Year award in 2019 from the whisky magazine. Additionally, the pub features a beautiful ceiling with a unique pattern that sets it apart from other bars.

The Raven

The Raven boasts a modern and sleek design, setting it apart from traditional pubs. This design choice and comfortable benches not only lend the pub a clean look but also create a cosy atmosphere. The establishment offers the option to play a game of darts, and there are plenty of TV screens for patrons to watch live sports. All in all, The Raven is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy some drinks.