Dublin: City Centre Pub Crawl

Dublin boasts a staggering 772 pubs in its city limits, making a pub crawl an absolute must for anyone looking to experience the city's authentic charm.

This particular crawl is tailored for those seeking a genuine taste of Dublin, steering clear of the touristy Temple Bar area. Instead, we'll lead you to the city centre's most beloved pubs, cherished by locals for their unbeatable atmosphere and quality pours.

So go ahead and grab a pint o' plain, a porter, or a drop of the famous black stuff - otherwise known as Guinness - and relish in the true essence of Dublin.

When you want to use public transport to get to the start of the crawl, we recommend using a leap card. Click here to see the website for leap cards in Dublin.

We hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.

The pubs



The initial stop on this pub crawl is at one of Dublin city's oldest pubs - Mulligans. For over three centuries, Dubliners have relished the pub's delightful atmosphere. Notably, the esteemed writer James Joyce visited Mulligans on multiple occasions, adding to the pub's rich history and attraction.


Our next destination is the cozy Bowe's pub. Despite its small size, this pub packs a punch in terms of atmosphere, making it the ideal spot for the craic and the porter black.

The Stag's Head

Next up is The Stag's Head, which was voted the most traditional pub in Ireland in 2019! It's famous for its old-fashioned charm and unique decor, including a stag's head mounted on one of the walls.

The Long Hall

The name of the fourth pub is the best description possible for this pub... The long hall. It might still be hard to find a place at the bar on busy days, even though the bar is almost as long as the Long Hall itself.

The Hairy Lemon

The Hairy Lemon is a pub with a quirky and distinctive name that's sure to catch your attention. This pub is named after a mysterious figure called "The Hairy Lemon" who was known to inhabit Dublin in the 1940s, lending the establishment a unique sense of history and character.

John Kehoe

Our sixth pub is John Kehoe, which like The Stag's Head, has earned the title of "Most Traditional Pub in Ireland" - not once, but twice! The first award came in 2017, and the pub repeated the feat the following year in 2018. John Kehoe is a multi-story establishment designed in the Victorian style, and its traditional decor and warm atmosphere make it a must-visit spot on any pub crawl in Dublin.


This pub is well known among Irish Folk enthusiasts, because this pub was often visited by the legendary group the Dubliners. In the pub you will find a lot of Dubliners memorabilia This is the grand finale of the pub crawl, so let's raise a glass and enjoy a classic Irish tune with a round of "Whiskey in the Jar"!