London: Kensington Pub Crawl

The magnificent city of London is renowned for its incredible size, which has resulted in a lot of pubs and bars scattered throughout the city. Kensington is one of the most well-known areas of London, hosting numerous fine establishments. The Kensington area is one of the more posh areas in London. The area is home to the Natural History Museum, Kensington Palace, the grand Royal Albert Hall, which hosts many concerts throughout the year, and of course, a lot of pubs. The most famous pub in Kensington is also one of the most famous pubs in all of London. It is the Churchill Arms, which we will, of course, visit during this pub crawl. If you look at the picture, you can get a glimpse of the famous pub.


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The pubs


Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales is a beautifully decorated pub. This applies to both the outside and the inside of the bar. Inside, there are many old paintings, and the darker colours make it feel like you have stepped into a time machine to the Victorian age. Behind the bar, the wall is covered in brightly coloured tiles, and there is a mirror with the name of the pub written on it. This makes for a beautiful bar.

The Elephant and Castle

The Elephant and Castle pub can be seen from afar due to the large depiction of an elephant with a castle tower on its back in golden colouring. The pub has an outside terrace and different kinds of beer on draught, including a fair amount of pale ales. It is a proper English pub.

The Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle is the second most famous pub in the Kensington district of London. It comes second only to the Churchill Arms, which will be discussed later. The pub has a black and white exterior, and inside, a lot of wood is used in the interior, creating a cosy pub ambiance. The pub dates back to the 1820s and has retained its traditional character. This is what makes the pub so successful.

The Uxbridge Arms

The outside of the pub might not be the most alluring, but inside lies a true treasure. The Uxbridge Arms is a hidden gem in the Kensington area. The pub has comfortable benches and stools, and bright-coloured walls, which give the pub an open and welcoming feeling.

The Churchill Arms

The exterior of this pub is unlike anything you have ever seen before. It is truly extraordinary. The pub looks like a fortress and has a sign portraying the face of Great Britain's most famous prime minister, Winston Churchill. The abundance of flowers on the outside also adds to the pub's beauty. Inside, the pub feels like a traditional British pub with different bar areas and an intense amount of decorations, most of which are related to Churchill himself.