London: Covent Garden Pub Crawl

The magnificent city of London is renowned for its incredible size, which has resulted in a lot of pubs and bars scattered throughout the city. Covent Garden is one of the most well-known areas of London, hosting numerous fine establishments. It is renowned for its abundance of shops and, of course, the Covent Garden Market itself. Originally starting as a vegetable and fruit market, it has now evolved into a popular tourist attraction. If touristy spots and street artists are not your preference, you can explore our pub crawl to discover the best places in Covent Garden, namely the pubs.

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The Pubs


The Cambridge

The Cambridge has a traditional British pub interior. The most commonly used colours in the pub are black and white. On the ceilings, you can see various beautiful ornaments arranged in a specific pattern. The pub is renowned for its real ales on draught and the high-quality food it serves.

The Cross Keys

There are many things to see in the Cross Keys pub. The pub has pots and pans hanging from the ceilings. Additionally, there are numerous posters and pictures on the walls. The pub has a British feel to it, as all the posters are related to the history of the United Kingdom.

The Lamb & Flag

The Lamb & Flag is the oldest pub in Covent Garden. The pub was established in 1623. So for 400 years, this pub has been a go-to spot for thirsty Londoners. Due to its long existence, the pub has a long history. In the past, bare-knuckle boxing was a common event on the second floor of the pub. Nowadays, the pub is better known as a place for excellent beer and traditional British pub food.

The White Swan

The White Swan is a pub with a generous amount of seating, making it a great place to sit down with a few friends and enjoy a drink or try the food. As the sign behind the bar says: 'A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.' A great saying to live by, if you ask us!

The Harp

The name 'The Harp' most of the time represents either an Irish or Welsh pub, as the instrument is a national symbol of Wales and Ireland. Originally, The Harp was a Welsh pub, known as the Welsh Harp. Years later, an Irish lady took over the pub and renamed it The Harp. The pub is quite small and very cosy, with an upstairs area featuring a lovely fireplace.