Bruges Pub Crawl

Bruges, a city located in Flanders near the coast, bears striking similarities to other west-northern cities in Belgium such as Antwerp and Ghent. Boasting a picturesque centre and many buildings preserved in their medieval state, Bruges is an ideal destination for exploration.

During the Middle Ages, Bruges was a prominent city in Northern Europe, thanks to its great location for trade. It served as a gateway for all sea trade, with various goods being transported throughout Europe from there.

Moreover, Bruges is renowned for producing one of the finest Blonde Beers in the world. The famous Brugse Zot is crafted at 'De Halve Maan' Brewery, making it a must-visit spot for beer enthusiasts.

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The pubs


't Brugs Beertje

This small bar is hidden away in a narrow alley. Once you step inside, you'll find two seating areas with lots of cool decorations on the walls. But the real kicker is the book that they call the beer menu. The book opens up to reveal over 300 different beers from all across Belgium! This chill spot is perfect for starting off the evening.

Le Trappiste

This bar has a lot of great Trappist beers - just as the name suggests! But what makes it truly unique is that it's tucked away completely underground, like an old medieval cellar. With its beautiful lighting, pillars and decorations, you're in for an unforgettable experience. And if you're up for trying some new brews, you can even create your own beer tasting flight! Just pick five beers from the menu and get ready to explore some delicious new flavours.

't Poatersgat

To get into this café, you'll need to pass through a small door with the pub's name etched onto it. Once inside, you'll head downstairs to reach the bar. The setup is similar to Le Trappiste, with both pubs situated underground and featuring similar pillars. But despite the similarities, this café has its own unique charm and atmosphere.

De Garre

This bar is so hidden away, it's even more elusive than t Brugs Beertje. Hidden in a dead-end alley, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for the entrance. And once you're inside, you'll find that the bar has its own exclusive beer brand, which shares the same name as the bar itself. But fear not if that's not to your taste - the selection of other beers is extensive. De Garre is a cosy bar, with the added bonus of a second-floor seating area that overlooks the bustling scene below.

Bar Des Amis

The name of this bar, when translated to English, means "The Bar of Friends". And fittingly so - this spot has a lively and energetic atmosphere that's perfect for ending the night on a high note. The music is upbeat and the volume is turned up, but that doesn't mean you can't strike up a conversation with your friends or even make some new ones!