Edinburgh Pub Crawl

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, boasts an overwhelming amount of exceptional pubs to explore.

Our crawl will guide you through the city, leading you to some of its best bars, all situated in the shadow of the historic Edinburgh Castle.

The castle hill holds a prominent place in Scottish history due to its strategic position. The Scots have lived near the foot of the hill since 6,000 B.C., and in 1,000 B.C., the first permanent settlements were established on the hill, which would later become the renowned Edinburgh Castle.

We hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.

The pubs


The Guildford Arms

This pub is not your typical boozer. It's classy, with a high ceiling decorated with a fancy pattern and a second-floor balcony that offers a bird's-eye view of the bustling activity below on the ground floor.

The Scotsman's Lounge

The Scotsman's Lounge is a classic Scottish bar where you can catch live music every day of the week. You can't miss it with its bold blue exterior and name in shiny gold letters above the door. Step in and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this authentic Scottish pub!

The White Hart Inn

The White Hart Inn, established in 1516, is one of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh, and it has retained its tavern-like character from the Middle Ages. As you enter, you'll notice old beer cups hanging from the ceiling, and the wooden beams are adorned with ancient Scottish rhymes. The atmosphere is steeped in history, giving you a glimpse of Edinburgh's past while enjoying a pint in this storied pub.

The Piper's Rest

This bar boasts a sleek and tidy design that proudly showcases all the stereotypical Scottish elements, which we find charming. The booths are decorated with kilt-like patterns, and the colour blue is prominently featured throughout the bar. But what truly catches your eye is the abundance (and I mean A LOT) of pictures and paintings of bagpipers in kilts, paying homage to Scotland's rich cultural heritage.

The Three Sisters

This bar is one of the most famous in all of Scotland. It stands out from the other bars on the pub crawl with its distinctive atmosphere. The bar is a hub of activity, regularly hosting sports events and live performances. Inside, you'll find different rooms with various DJs spinning a diverse range of music, catering to different tastes. It's a dynamic and vibrant venue that offers a unique experience for those looking to end their pub crawl on a high note.