Liverpool Pub Crawl

Liverpool is famous for many things, including the Beatles, Liverpool FC, Everton FC, and off course its great bars.

The city's rich cultural heritage owes much to the Irish diaspora, as many Irish people settled in Liverpool over the years. As a result, there are many cosy Irish pubs to be found around the city, which we'll explore during this pub crawl.

Whether you're a fan of the Beatles or football, or just looking to experience Liverpool's famous nightlife, you're sure to find something to love on this crawl.

We hope that you enjoy the pub crawl and let us know what you think via our social media channels.



Peter Kavanagh's 

Peter Kavanagh's is a must-visit spot in Liverpool. This unique bar has a fantastic design and is filled with interesting decorations that hang from the ceiling. However, what really sets this place apart is the friendly and hilarious manageress, who is sure to make your visit even more enjoyable.

Pogue Mahone

Pogue Mahone is a pub that truly lives up to the expectations of a good pub. From its cool and dark interior to the impressive selection of beers, this bar has everything you need for a great night out. The clean design of the pub also adds to its appeal.

Lanigans Irish Bar

As you may have noticed, there are quite a few Irish bars in this pub crawl. Lanigans is certainly no exception. However, this particular pub stands out from the others, as it's a bit brighter in comparison. The interior is welcoming, with plenty of nice sitting booths, and there are even a few TVs where you can catch a game or two.


Shenanigans is a pub that stands out due to its unique exterior, a small standalone building that catches your eye and draws you in. The interior is a solid pub with a good atmosphere, but the real charm of Shenanigans lies in its exterior, making it a must-visit spot in Liverpool.